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The real Cuba is full of charm and excitement. Its architectural gems, rich history, and unique culture make it a place worth exploring. The beautiful scenery and the passion the Cuban people have for their country are just a few things you will experience on a World Passage tour to Cuba. Experiencing the real Cuba in is about connecting to the culture, interacting with the people, basking in the ambiance of the country’s beauty and having fun while you’re doing it. Whatever your interests may be, the World Passage team will guarantee that you have an authentic experience with our custom Cuban tours.

Individual Travel

An exclusive experience for 2-8 guests. The selection of site visits, activities, restaurants, accommodations are all designed to achieve the individual Cuban experience you seek. We offer a wide range of accommodations from 5 – star hotel to casa particular.


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Over the years we have cultivated relationships with Cuba’s leading  horticultural experts, who have guided our groups through their fascinating botanical sites and gardens offering views of flora endemic to Cuba.


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Arts & Theater

Discover first-hand how this rich pageant of African, European, and North American influences come together to create a cultural scene unlike any other.


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Jewish Cuba & More

Over the past 18 years we have worked with over 600 religious groups and organizations. Each one of our missions has brought much needed aid to the Cuban people. We have worked extensively with Jewish organizations and have built a genuine connection to the Jewish community in Cuba.


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Well balanced and highly personalized group travel to Cuba for professionals. We cater to especially to medical interest groups, legal interest groups, and other professional interest groups.


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If you are a photographer at any level and what to get down and dirty to capture the true Cuba, please call us.


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What Makes Our Tours Authentic

In three words— the Cuban people. We don’t just book a tour and drive you around Cuba to sightsee. We connect you to the citizens of Cuba so they can show you their world. These are the people who will not only show you everything Cuba has to offer, they will also educate you on the history of Cuba. You’ll get to learn what it’s like to live in a country that has been under communist rule for over 50 years directly from the people who have experienced it. You’ll also get to learn about the beauty of Cuba. It’s not exactly like what you hear and see on television or the news. By the end of your trip you may discover new perspectives in life inspired by the beauty, culture, and people of Cuba.

What Separates Us from Other Travel Companies

The authenticity of our tours is what separates us from other travel companies. Our tours are real because the people of Cuba have a commitment to showing the world what their lives are really like. They want you to see the beauty, passion and growth of Cuba. They want you to see their country from their perspective. These are the people who work closely with the World Passage team to show you Cuba from every angle. By the time you leave, you will know so much more about Cuban art, culture, and history.

Why Choose World Passage for Your Tour of Cuba

  • A personalized and customized tour.
  • Real connections to the Cuban people.
  • An inside look how the Cuban people really live.
  • An inside look at the beauty that lies deep within Cuba and is not widely broadcast on TV.

We hope to create unforgettable experiences through our tours of Cuba. The kind of experience that will make you want to travel more, learn about different cultures and share the experience with others. It will be a unique travel experience where we engage you with the local citizens so they can pull you into their world. When you book a tour to Cuba through World Passage, you can expect to experience this vibrant country in its true form.

Featured Testimonials

“With World Passage, our congregational trip to Cuba was unique! Our trip was comprehensive, exciting and educational – we always felt that we were seeing and doing everything… World Passage is the only way to go to Cuba.”

Julie A. SilbermanPresident, Temple B’nai Abraham, NJ

“Our congregation has travelled twice to Cuba. World Passage arranges it all. And no one does it better! World Passage was our partner, guiding us, encouraging us, and making our Cuba journey a memory that we will never forget.”

Rabbi Bennett MillerAnshe Emeth Memorial Temple, NJ

“In planning of the itineraries, World Passage accommodated our specific interests in gardens, horticulture, and farms and also recommended top notch cultural experiences. These intertwined marvelously in a reasonable and enjoyable pace.”

Lenny WilsonDirector of Development, Delaware Center for Horticulture

Cuban culture’s vibrancy and vitality is alive.

Cuba is old, some of it is destroyed, and it feels as though time has stopped.
But it is full of life from the aroma of cooking food, to the warmth of the
people, to the rhythm in the way people move, to the sound of music in the air.

Cuba is changing Rapidly; Now is the Time!

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