Cuban Art

Cuban art is a very diverse cultural blend of European, African and American design reflecting the diverse demographic of the island.
But at its core it is always uniquely Cuban.

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Just a few names you should know:

Esteban Chartrand – 1828-1899

Fabelo – Born 1950

Jose Luis Farinas – Born 1972

Flora Fong – Born 1949

Victor Manuel Garcia – 1897-1969

Alberto Korda – 1928-2001

Wifredo Lam – 1902-1982

Mendive – Born 1944

Pedro Pablo Oliva – Born 1949

Useful Links:

La Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba
Granma International

Cuban culture’s vibrancy and vitality is alive.

Cuba is old, some of it is destroyed, and it feels as though time has stopped.
But it is full of life from the aroma of cooking food, to the warmth of the
people, to the rhythm in the way people move, to the sound of music in the air.

Cuba is changing Rapidly; Now is the Time!

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