One of the many features of Cuban architecture is the harmonious juxtaposition of different architectural styles, displayed by an impressive collection of buildings authored by both world famous local and international architects.

The uniqueness and appeal of Cuban architecture stems not only from its quality but also from its scale. Regardless of the style, Cuban architecture is uniquely Cuban and adaptive to the Cuban enviroment and experence  as seen in its adaption to the climatic conditions of the island as demonstrated by  the porches and galleries of the palaces, homes and public buildings which provide the necessary shelter from the sun and the rain  but whose style reflect the rhythm of the music and the vibrancy of Cuba’s street life.

Cuban architecture boasts every style from the Renaissance as shown in the colonial stone fortresses, through the Moorish style of homes and palaces which testify to the eight century presence of the Moors in Spain, to the Baroque style of palaces and churches. Cuban architecture reflects the Neoclassic, the Eclectic, the Art Nouveau or Catalonian Modernism, the Art Déco and Streamline Moderne style influenced by South Beach in Miami, New York City and France, and Modern Architecture embraced since the mid 1940s.

Havana, a world recognized Caribbean Metropolis with European influences, was spared the damage of the global urban renewal and overdevelopment of the second half of the 20th century it maintains intact its traditional urban fabric which together with the famous preservation efforts grant the city a great attraction for architects, artists, historians, and lovers of harmony and beauty.

Cuban culture’s vibrancy and vitality is alive.

Cuba is old, some of it is destroyed, and it feels as though time has stopped.
But it is full of life from the aroma of cooking food, to the warmth of the
people, to the rhythm in the way people move, to the sound of music in the air.

Cuba is changing Rapidly; Now is the Time!

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