How to Choose a Restaurant

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How to choose a restaurant

Gastronomy is an excellent way to discover a country and its culture.  Cuba offers the flavor of exotic foods found in unique dishes that you only hear about in magazines and shows. Due to the opening of the economy and the new possibilities of business in Cuba, we are witnessing a real revolution in Cuban cuisine not only because of the rescue of traditional dishes, but also for the fast transformation of the urban landscape with the appearance of new establishments every day.   Choosing a place that really shows you the local cuisine during your visit can be a real adventure. Don’t place the responsibility of building the flavor of your experience solely on your shoulders; below are some tips, based on our own taste developed from immersion in the Cuban environment.

  1. If the restaurant is empty, don’t go there. There is a high possibility that you will regret this act of faith.
  2. Follow the locals. Generally the lines are large, especially on holidays like mother’s day, father’s day and Saint Valentine’s day, but if you have the time you will enjoy dishes full of flavor and with careful service. We recommend: Los nardos, La flor de loto, La mimosa, La Juliana, all in Chinatown.
  3. Don’t trust restaurants where somebody at the door offers you the best Caribbean lobster, it will surely be overpriced and overcooked. The best seafood in Havana can be found in: Vistamar, Santy pescador, El Templete.
  4. Take time to plan your trip, research the best restaurants. We recommend, they have a trustworthy list of restaurants that you can follow. TripAdvisor offers some suggestions, but I don’t always agree with them.
  5. Think twice before having your meals in a restaurant where there is a group already, service can be slow!
  6. Trust your World Passage team, experience Cuba the right way.

We hope to improve your trip with these suggestions, tell us how it went!

  • Anna from Havana, with Love
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